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Inpatient Care

Wilson Medical Center's (WMC) team of healthcare professionals dedicates themselves to providing you with expert, compassionate care. If you or your family and friends have questions or concerns about your health care, please talk with your doctor, nurse, or another healthcare team member.

Our Team Approach

Treatment at WMC is a cooperative effort between patient and staff. You are an essential member of your healthcare team. We promise to respond quickly to your questions, problems, and concerns and will keep you informed about options and choices. Our goal is to improve and restore our patient's health through the excellent and kindhearted care we give. Upon being admitted to the hospital, you will find a compassionate and professional nursing staff dedicated to nurturing and providing quality care. No matter the age or health concern, our hospital offers private rooms and comfortable accommodations for patients and their families. We have designed our hospital to give a feeling of warmth, giving it more of a home atmosphere than a traditional hospital. We recognize the importance of patients being able to function adequately upon dismissal; therefore, some patients may require our Swing Bed Level of Care - Rehab U Transitional Care..

Your Room

We desire to make you feel at home, so we have devoted much consideration to creating comfortable surroundings. Our nursing staff will familiarize you with your room and its amenities. We hope you will enjoy the comfort of your private room and bath!


We know it is vital to your treatment and recovery at Wilson Medical Center to enjoy well-balanced and nourishing meals. Therefore, the goal of our Nutrition Services department is to provide you with nutritious, quality food and sound nutritional guidance. Patients are served breakfast between 7:30 am & 9:00 am., lunch at noon, and dinner between 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm.

If a guest wants to join you for a meal, they may request a guest tray for just $5.00. Guests may also visit the Bistro, located through the double wooden doors in our lobby, for a tray. The Bistro is open daily from 6:30 am until 6:30 pm. Coffee, tea, and water are free of charge, and visitors may find breakfast and snack items to purchase in the cooler. Breakfast hours are 7:30 am until 9:00 am and our lunch hour is 11:30 am to 1:10 pm. Visitors are welcome to eat lunch in the dining room. Please ask the cashier for pricing.

What to Bring

Please remember to bring your insurance card and identification. You may also want to bring some reading materials from home.

What Not To Bring

We ask that you please leave valuables such as jewelry, large amounts of cash, and sentimental items at home. The hospital cannot be responsible for the safety of valuables or other personal items.

Telephone and Television

We provide telephones in each room, and patients may receive calls in their rooms directly. You will find your direct phone line number located on the white information board in your room. You may give this phone number to family and friends as a way to contact you while you are in the hospital. You may make local calls from the room by dialing 9 and the number. You are required to make long-distance calls from your cell phone.

We have equipped each room with a color television. The television remote control is in combination with the nurse call light device. Also provided in all rooms is a DVD player. Please feel free to ask the staff to assist you with using the DVD player at any time.

Visitors are always welcome(Please note that visitors may be restricted or limited due to medical condition or patient request)

General visiting hours are: 9:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Wilson Medical Center does allow visitation outside of the times listed, so please feel free to ask!

An adult visitor that chooses to stay with the patient overnight may do so. Children and dependent adults are not to spend the night. We require other requests for an overnight stay to be approved by the Chief Nursing Officer.

Parents, to help your child's stay go smoother, we encourage you to be as involved as possible in their care as you know your child best. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an able adult and never left unattended.

updated April 25, 2022